image12 image13When I first started considering low voltage lighting, I was skeptical as to whether the lighting would make that much difference for the house. I talked with John, the business owner, who was incredibly knowledgeable about the options available. I started by trying just a few lights, and what a difference it made. It really brought the house to life as nothing else could. In fact, the lit areas looked better in many ways at night than during the day. I could really detect a difference between the low voltage lights and the more garish and too bright regular voltage lights I would see elsewhere. Having seen the great results, I then added more lights around the house and received a large number of compliments from neighbors and friends, many of whom now wanted to do the same thing, Not only were the lights esthetically pleasing, I really appreciated the security they added. When I recently moved, one of the things I knew I had to get was the low-voltage lighting at the new house, and also appreciated the compliments on the them again, compliments that no other renovation received.

John and his entire crew is wonderful in designing, installing and making sure the lights are maintained. They are great people to deal with the professionalism of their work is top-notch. They will make sure everything is done right.

Nelson Thomas
Rochester, NY

image14My wife and I had the good sense of having Niggli Associates and Lightscaping  do the up lighting of our business. Gatherings at the Senator’s Mansion in Churchville, NY.

The results are remarkable at how this lighting makes an already beautiful building pop at night. It looks stunning.

John and Mark are true professionals and do a great job of maintaining the system for me and keeping the Mansion a showpiece here in Churchville.

I highly recommend them.

Chris Steubing
Gatherings Catering Company
Churchville, NY

image16 image15Our home is a very special place, it’s full of character and charm both inside and out.  And, being avid gardeners, we thought that there was no better way to showcase and accent our home and gardens then to have low-voltage lighting installed in order to enjoy both through the evening hours.  In addition, we wanted to accent the architectural features of the stone front on our home.  Lightscaping by Niggli Associates achieved and surpassed all of our goals.  To say that we have been pleased is an understatement.

Their total professionalism, product knowledge, high quality installation and product offerings are second to none.  If it wasn’t for the beautiful lightscaping they created, you would never know that they had worked on our property.  We’ve never had such neat and tidy contractors work for us.

Since our initial installation a few years ago, we recently had John & Mark back this spring to add additional lighting fixtures as we added some new landscaping on the side of our home.  Their follow-up and maintenance tips have helped us learn how to take care of our investment.  They are always eager to take a phone call or stop by to answer any questions we may have.

Our neighbors have often complimented how beautiful our home is during the evening hours and have thanked us multiple times for giving our home and gardens even more beauty for “their” viewing pleasure!

Needless to say, we have been extremely pleased with the outdoor lighting that Lightscaping by Niggli Associates has designed and installed at our home and we would highly recommend them.

Alex Neubert & Jay Sackett – East Rochester, NY

image17 image18

We at the University of Rochester have used Lightscaping / John Niggli since 2001 for all of our exterior building landscape lighting needs. Over the years and through a number of projects we have come to rely on John’s understanding of our required outcome and his visionary guidance to achieve those goals.  As always, John stays within the agreed upon budget, but what sets his company apart are the details.  John will come back for several nights under different weather conditions to make sure everything is perfect before he considers the project complete.

Another great attribute of John’s company is their communication with me and other departments.  John makes it a point to walk all of his projects in the spring to insure that his lighting will work with new plantings or their removal.  Lastly John offers a great contract service so we never have to do any preventive maintenance or repairs.

I would highly recommend Lightscaping by Niggli Associates for all of your commercial and residential outdoor lighting needs.

Barry P. McHugh
University of Rochester
Assistant Director
River Campus Facilities and University Properties